LG GCE-8400B Enabling DMA Windows XP

Hey! Im new here. Ive been having problems with my setup and this seemed like the best place to post.

I recently upgraded from Windows 98SE to XP and when I did so my burner became awfully slow and began to use all resources while burning. I believed it to be a DMA setting problem and attempted to change the setting with no success. The setting remains on PIO Mode no matter what I try. I have tried deleting and reinstalling the controller, deleting the SlavedataID in the registry, switching b/w PIO Only and DMA, updating Chipset drivers and nothing works. I know that this drive is only supposed to support PIO Mode 4 and not UDMA 33 but shouldnt I still be able to set the drive to DMA. If not, what else could the problem be??? Before upgrading, I could burn a 700Mb cd in 2.5 mins or so and now its more like 10-12 mins.

PIII 866 384 Mb RAM LG-GEC-8400B Motherboard: CUV4X-E
OS: Windows XP Professional


Try this it works for me. In device manager there is IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers. Look for IDE Chanel where are you cd-roms. I have deleted it and restart PC. And it works. Again there was DMA

I have tried that with no success. Thanks anyway. Does anyone else have any ideas?? I think this is a fairly common problem with these drives because Ive seen the subject in quite a few forums, but I have never seen a clear answer. Please HELP! :slight_smile:

Another symptom I noticed since upgrading is that the Buffer goes up and down all the time. I assume this is why it takes so long to burn, the underrun must reset and start (about 8-10secs each time). Even the “Time Remaining” in ECDC counts down from 2 Mins but actually takes 10 Mins or more. Hope this and the above info can help you in helping me!! :slight_smile:

I have the same problem.
Anyone found an answer?

I actually had the same problem, but with a diiferent drive and someone here gave me the suggestion of uninstalling the IDE controller from device manager and rebooting. Windows XP then detected the “new drives” and proceded to install the IDE controllers, having them both set to DMA.

Not really…I tried everything everyone suggested on the forums. Nothing worked. Then I called LG, he claimed he never heard of this which I doubt considering that it was posted all over the net. So I put the burner in another comp with WIN98 and it works fine. Ill return it someday and get a different model. Thank God for extended warranties (sometimes…). Sorry I couldnt help more. Good Luck!!!

The Problem is in windows xp which lowers the mode and locks it. The only solution is to delete ide controler in device manager as some people before me posted and restart computer, then going back to device manager and manually enable dma where you want. To prevent xp switching to lower modes try installing ata-100 certified cable.