Lg Gce 8320b

Hi I have a HL-DT-ST GCE 8320B with 8MB buffer.
Its rev1.01 but im gonna flash it too 1.04 does anyone know what the improvements are ? (guesses ?)

Also there seem to be 2 versions of this drive a 2mb & 8mb
is this linked to

respectively ???

so does it matter which type I flash it with as from the popular firmware page website it only mentions

"LG (HLDS) GCE-8320B 1.04 "

any ideas ???

ive updated from 1.01 to 1.04 and im not sure now
but i think my simulation feature has been greyed out now on Nero v5582.

can ne1 still on 1.01 or close verify this ??

Why not flash it with the GCE 8400b 1.02 firmware.I did mine with help from this forum and it works great.

bcuz it was not designed for the drive thus may shorten its life span. ???
does it only offer a speed improvement ? bcuz if it is i am not interested in burning at 40x. 32x is enough and i havent even tried that yet or 24x , i just stick to 16x which is fine for me.

if the firmware offered features then i wud consider it - i already have 2 drives fail on me in 3 years a phillips 2x which lasted 1.5 years, and an acer 1208a which lasted 11months - reliablilty is of upmost importance i have wasted too much money on cd writers.