LG Gce-8240b is very slow after changing WinME to Win98SE

I’ve been using an LG Gce-8240b (x24) for about 3 months on a windows ME system.
But now that I’ve moved to Windows98SE things are going wrong –

It seems that every time I burn a cd, the buffer bar goes up and down, ditto the bar for the h.d. data and the burning procedure ends after 10minutes instead of good old 3.
I’ve also noticed that when I’m burning the whole system goes slow and the adsl “connected” light goes off.

I’m using a PIII 450mhz (still alive!), 192mb sdram, 10gigs h.d (a shame…), Hollywood+ card, Usb Adsl modem.

I haven’t changed the hardware when I moved to the new OS, didn’t install any new memory cards or changed any parameters.
I’ve got no irq conflicts, I’ve tried using a different software (such as directCD), removing the adsl, upgrading the firmware, disabling the usb, disabling the dma, upgrading the chipset and praying for the cdr god to help me. Still no change.

Can anyone help?? please? :confused:

DMA must be working for all drives.

I only disabled it once to check if it changed anything. When I saw there was no change I’ve enabled it all back.
Ditto with the usb. I’ve disabled it, no change, enabled it back.

Watch your CPU usage during a burn, if it’s high then you’ve got a DMA issue.