LG GCE-8240B - couple of Q's

Wonder of someone could answer me a couple of Q’s related to possible flashing of LG GCE-8240B CD-RW (I’m a newb to this I’m afraid - but a quick learner):

  1. The drive appears to be LG (is) but it is in a Packard-Bell 'puter - is this the OEM and will flashing cause a different result to an LG 'puter’s drive? (I hope that ain’t a stupid Q!).

  2. Currently I have F/W 1.02 - available ups are 1.07 or 1.08 - anyone have any experience of what I could gain from either ups?

  3. The main pi$$er I have with the drive is it writes at a minimum of 8x - I would like it to write at a min of 4x or 2x (for burning SVCD’s) - will flashing enable this - if not is there another way - or am I stuck with this?

Thanks in advance.

It will probably work. Have you seen any updates for the drive from Packard-Bell?

thanks - but could you tell me how confident you are that it will:

a. work at all

b. allow me to burn at < 8x

i haven’t seen any ups from P-Bell (although given that their site has been down for 3 days :eek: that is not surprising - they are as much use as a one-legged-man in an a$$-kicking contest when it comes to anything other than “sales”)

I have no idea whether it will fix the 8x problem, but it is worth a try.

This is how you would update:
Boot into Real DOS and navigate to where you extracted Update.exe and the .lge file
Type “update je2lg***.lge” and it will flash your drive…

My LG GCE-8240B OEM (CPQ) die when try to flash 1.07, I try to restore with JE3, Mtk, Update, and nothing work

any help


I know this is a late comment. VERY LATE!! But I just want anyone reading to know that first, oem drives can’t be updated with the same firmware as Retail LG Drives. Secondly, if you try this anyhow, your drive will only be usefull as a paperweight. I am out.