LG GCE-8240B and SD2

Hi !

I am trying to make a backup copy of a SD 2 protected game (Max Payne) with my LG GCE-8240B burner and CloneCD but they are not accepted as an original CD.

What is wrong ?
Is the LB burner not capable of copying SD 2 games (it is supposed to be that when I read the list at elby homepage) ?

What settings should I use in CloneCD when reading the CD to make an image file and then to write the image file ?


to to the liteon forum and read one of the sticky’s…act as if your writer is a liteon and follow the instructions.

Here’s a link. bon chance!

Max payne is not the new SD2.51.xx that is the main centre of conversation about “safedisk”, it is SD 2.4x.xx

A few SD 2.51.xx games are:[ul]
[li]Medal of Hounour Allied Assult [MOHAA]
[/li][li]Comand and conqurer : Renegade [C+C:Ren.]

Hi !

Thank’s for your suggestions, I have sofar been unsuccessful in my attempts to make backup copies of both MaxPayne AND MedalOfHonor (SD2.51xx).

I think I have tryed the settings that you refer to shuebhussain, but I will give it another try and report back…


ok. Ill just share with you my experiences in the meantime.
I got a liteon LTR-24102B , which has the same speccifications as ur’s. I have copied both the games u mentioned with the following clonecd [] settings:
[li]Read Subchannel Data from data tracks
[/li][li]Fast error skip
[/li][li]Fast error skip settings: read retries: 0 ; error correction: software
[/li][li]Read speed 2x [i don’t think this matters much]

[li]Buffer underrun protection
[/li][li]Don’t repair subchannel data
[/li][li]Always close last session
[/li][li]write mode DAO
[/li][li]Write speed max

Max payne worked like the orgiinal, but MOHAA only worked in a cdor dvd rom drive and not a cd writer. This is because the SD 2.51.xx protection can detect the ATIP, and if it does, it cancels the boot up of the game - but only cd writers can read ATIP so it works fine in cd roms / dvd roms

how is it that you where able to fes on software with your litey as far as I know it’s not possible only hardware:o

I have now made another try.


  • no subchannel data
  • fast error skip - 0 retry, hw error correction


  • only close disk

and another try:

  • close disk
  • amlplify weak sectors

Both these disks failed to be recognised as the original disk.
So my conclution for the moment is that my my LG GCE-8240B burner is NOT SD2.51 compatible, regardless of what is stated on the CloneCD ‘compatible writers’ page.

/ernyh :mad:

Originally posted by ausjim26
how is it that you where able to fes on software with your litey as far as I know it’s not possible only hardware:o

i makes little difference. CloneCD probably changes it after i have said ok to write!

to ernyh, u must be right! :frowning: Ask a expert on SD 2.51 like OC-Freak…may be he’ll know whats going on.