LG GCE –8160B works perfectly sd2 uk

I was a little bit sceptical about the 8160 now I am now a convert

I bought the LG in the UK at Pcworld for £79.00, I understand that LG made two
Versions CED 8160 which would not do sd2(safedisc v2) and its also made in china and the GCE Model that will, this is made in korea. Check the box, its written on the side.
I have tried to backup collin Macrae rally2, which on my previous CD burner Mitsumi 4802 was not successful. With the GEC model I copied the image on to the hard drive using the latest Clonecd and also selecting the fast skip. I also set my fast skip to hardware rather that software or none. I copied at max speed which was probably at 30 to 40X and then selected amplfy weak signal (nb change your regioin settings on your pc to any country than uk and us if not ampligy signal would not workor seach your registry for amplify…set the value to 1). I wrote to disc at max speed and amazingly my game worked perfectly.

My system is just a Abit (SS BH6) –CELERON 300 with 390 MB RAM plus a 2 hard drives and 1 dvd and the 8160 LG.

My LG 8160 is set as slave on my secondary IDE channel and the master happens to be a old CREATIVE DVD ENCORE which only runs at 10 speed.

NB I also used clonyxl but it gave me the wrong info for copying safedisc v2.

Please not that the above worked for me with no problems, but it may not work for you.

Good luck