LG GCE-8160B overclock?

Has anyone tried flashing the LG GCE-8160B CDRW drive to another firmware to make it go faster?

I don’t believe that drive can be over clocked the way the newer LG drives can be. The 24x LG was based on a different chipset, so the only other one you could try would be a 32x drive.

I sold mine (GCE-8160B) 2 months ago and bought a 52x Lite On.

The LG was rock solid. Don’t mess with it. I wanted faster RW speeds, so I upgraded.

I found it copied anything I threw its way.

It also supports 99 minute discs. I was able to overburn a 99 minute disc to almost 101 minutes with it.

These are features the Lite On also supports, but the LG holds a special place in my heart. Sniff Sniff :frowning:

Couldn’t agree more - very stable piece of hardware, not given me any probs to date. In fact I bought it cos TomsHardware recommended it for overburning audio CD’s to 99mins and its ability to do it at 8x writing speed!

Any other drive based on the 16x? the 32x i beleive has an 8Mb buffer so I doubt the firmware for that would work properly on the 16x.