LG GCE 8160B and SD 2.8

Made my backup copy from Splinter Cell CD 3 (SD 2.8) with LG GCE 8160B and Alcohol 120% The HD image works fine with Daemon-Tools without SD emulation, but if burned only works on my CD Writer. My Creative 52X CD-Rom can’t read it. Why? I have tested it with and without Bypass EFM errors and no success :frowning:

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It is unreadable or it doesnt work???

My 8160B copied Battlefield 1942 just fine, runs fine as long as I’m hiding the ATIP.

Elby’s Supported Writers show your burner as a “2 sheep” burner. That means that your burner should be able to create a backup of this game. You should not use Bypass EFM error.
There is a couple of possible reasons. The game could be hotwired in the registry to only play from the drive it was installed from. Change the drive letter value in the registry to that of your creative drive and see if it works.
Some DVD drives are picky with Safedisc 2 backups. Call it a fault in your DVD drive or your burner. It depends on how you look at it I guess. :slight_smile:

I don’t have a DVD drive, my Creative one is only for CDs (52X). Maybe I made a mistake while installing the game messing up the drives, but I will try again later and post results here. One more question, how do I configure Alcohol to hide the ATIP?

Check “Ignore media type” in the emulation options.

Bad luck, no success with drive letter change and with registry “fix”. The game keeps looking for the CD on the drive forever and freezes :frowning:
Any other suggestion?

Uninstall and re-install from the drive you want to play from. Make sure Ignore media type (or clonecd’s hide cdr media) is enabled if you want to play from a writer.

Done everything suggested here and the game only works from CD-writer :frowning:
Well, now I have to look for someone with a Lite-on to help me with my backups…

Solved!!! An ASPI driver incompatibility was the culprit for the mess. After installing old version 4.6 my new backups finally are working on my CD-ROM drive :slight_smile:

never use the 4.7, it has some problems with masterizing programs like alcohol