LG GCE 8160B and SafeDisc2


I’m having no luck trying to copy SafeDisc2 protected cd’s with an LG GCE 8160B (firmware 2.01 and WinXP Pro). From what I’ve read about it on the Web it should be able to copy them. I’ve tried all the suggested settings in CloneCD (Fast error skip, 3 retries, AWS on/off etc.) but still no luck. Should the LG be capable of doing SD2 cd’s?

The cd’s that I’ve copied allow me to install the game but when trying to start it it wont recognise the cd.

Any suggestions?

according to this list your writer is able to copy SD2.
so try what I used
FES on
FES settings
3 read retries
error correction softwre
all other off

AWS on
dont close… on
burn proof/ justlink on (if your writers supports it)
all else off