LG GCC4240N not reading DVD+RW?

Hey all. I have an HP ze4560 laptop with an HL-DT-ST GCC4240N combo drive.Reads CDRWs well, as well as DvD+R and -R discs.But it does not read my 2.4X DVD+RW (MCCA01) at all. Nero InfoTool says this :
Disc is burnt with 851S/GSC2. Auto bitsetting enabled.
If anyone’s been able to read +RW or -RW discs with this drive, please post which firmware you have used.

Alright, now it works well with 4X +RW media, booktyped to -ROM, but there is another problem.
24X Mitsubishi CDRWs only write at 16X in RNM and fail completely in Nero. Burnatonce can hit 16X too… FW is 0C29. The 24X discs are fine, as they work well in my 52327S and 832S in the desktop.
Any ideas? I can’t get the latest firmware for this drive anywhere… TDB’s OEM package doesn’t let me flash the drive with the Dell FW… it gives me errors.

It works with 4x DVD+RW but not with 2.4x DVD+RW??

Apparently, yeah. I’ve trashed that old MKMA01 DVD+RW, using Sony 4X +RW now, Made In Japan, and MKMA02 4X +RW, Made in Taiwan. Weird, huh?

Better than the case where 4x doesn’t work but 2.4x does. :bigsmile:

Very true ;).
Anyhoo… anyone have any experience with 24X discs on this drive?

I’d like to have one. :sad:

What would you like to have? The 4241N or the 24X CDRWs or the 4X DVD+RWs?

Of course, the drive. I have had 4x DVD+RW media for about 20 months. :slight_smile:

I like the drive. It’s fast and quiet, the error correction is alright too, as good as my 832S. Of course, this is my first (and so far only) slim drive, but it does just fine for my work… college stuff, transferring documents and ripping a few CDs.

What was the fix you came up with - I have a GCC-4240N fitted into an IBM T30 - and it won’t read DVD + R discs! Can you help please?
Many thanks,


“auto-bitsetting” - a very bad idea here, especially with RW media.