Lg Gcc-4521b

Hello. I am the owner of a LG GCC-4521B combo but it started having huge problems writing CDs at high speed and reading DVDs. So after digging in your site a learned that I would probably need a firmware update. Being a noob I really don’t want to mess up (I really don’t have the money for a new one), so I have these questions:

  1. How do I find out what my firmware version number is?
  2. If I have a really old version, can I jump to the last one?
  3. Where do I find a good version.
  4. This will sound stupid :o but which is the secondary IDE controller :o

Plese help me, I really nead an answer. Thank you.

You can use Nero Infotool or Discinfo to find that out.

I have 1.01, is it Ok if I jump to 1.07 from http://us.lgservice.com?

please some one answer me, I don’t what to screw up. :disagree:

Yes, you can use 1.07.

thank you :slight_smile: