LG GCC-4520B dvd read problem

my combo driver refuses to recognize many dvds.
like i put a disk in drive, it’s spinning for a long time, but does not recognize cd. windows gives “incorrect function” error when i try to open drive

i’m not able to check which kinds of dvd exactly have reading problems at the moment.

some disk are read perfectly.
some are read “by mood”: like the same disk is working today, but will not working tomorrow.
some are never read, but my pioneer dvr-111d reads them perfectly.

i’ve flashed firmware to version 1.01.
opened and looked inside the drive - leans look clean.
tried them on another computer.
nothing helped.

driver is installed as secondary master. ATA-33. dma on.
via mb/ide drivers are installed - maybe this can cause some problems?

If you have cleaned the drive then you cannot do really some more. :frowning:

Try running with the drive connected alone (I’m assuming it is sharing the same IDE cable as the Pioneer). The two drives shouldn’t cause any sort of conflict with each other, but you never know…

If that doesn’t work, sorry but the drive is probably defective.

is there some “cleaning instructions”?..
maybe i missed something during cleaning…

i tried it on both of my computers. it’s connected as single secondary master now.
same result.

i’ve read somethere that they are two lasers: one for cd, one for dvd. and the dvd laser may be disbalanced. so there are two correction things near the lasers. if i play with them (turn it around a bit) - maybe it will come right.

does this make sense?..
i really dont wanna try it…:wink: i can guess the result…

Correct. There are separate lasers for CD reading, and for DVD reading. This is why it is possible to have a drive that reads only CDs but not DVDs, or the other way around.

Since the drive doesn’t work on either of your systems, it’s almost definitely a problem with the drive itself (I’m assuming that there is nothing wrong with the discs you tried to read).

If that drive is still covered by a warranty period, send it back for repairs. Otherwise, I can’t see the harm in trying to tinker with it yourself because it is essentially, dead or half-dead.