LG GCC 4480B dead

Hello, i’m new here and don’t speaks english very well, so i’m sorry.

The problem that takes me here is my LG CDRW/DVD GCC 4480B.
I burned CDs-R and i read DVDs.
Once i turned on the computer and i realized that the in the POST the device (LG CDRW/DVD GCC 4480B) wasn’t detect. It was loaded windows and the device didn’t seem to be detected with any program, i tried with sisoft sandra 2004 and everest among others.

The led doesn’t shine, and the disc tray doesn’t open.

It’s as if it is dead.

I have measured some tensions (volts) that are written in the printed circuit and they coincide.

If somebody knows something like from where i can obtain a circuit or something that let me know where is the problem, please tell me.

Thanks very much for reading this.