LG GCC 4320B lost during firmware update




I lose my LG GCC 4320B after trying to update its firmware (which stucked in the middle of the progress). The num lock didn’t work… everything was locked and I had to reset my computer :a … And it never come back… My cd/dvd drive wasn’t responding (like turned off) and my motherboard (after checked) stopped to work. Someone please could explain me if there is something I can do about my writer? I wanted to email LG but they don’t have an address to ask what can they do (perhaps give me a new one since it wasn’t my fault at all).
Please help me.



Flash the drive in DOS with mtkflash and a binary firmware such as the Region Free one from here: http://tdb.rpc1.org/#GCC4320B


the drive is not recognized by the bios/windows… So I suppose it is really dead. Or there is a way to solve it? (the drive does not respond to nothing)
THX in advance


mtkflash is able to flash supported drives even if they are not recognized after a misflash.


Yeah, my fault :rolleyes: It works now, thx for the windows version of mtkflash :bow:
THX again dhc014 :bigsmile: