LG GCC-4320B Combo Drive

I did a quick search through the forums, but I can’t find any information on how well this drive works with CloneCD. Does anyone have any experience with this drive, and what kind of performance can I expect? (ie. how many sheeps in each category)… the CloneCD website doesn’t list this drive :frowning:

I have tested this drive. It runs in PIO Mode only, like most LG CD/DVD-ROMs. It can read & write subchannel data, is a terrific SafeDisc error skipper and exceedingly quiet. It can read & write SecuROM and LaserLock, can read SafeDisc but not write it. If you’re in the market for a combo then purchase the Toshi combo (I have one of these) as it is a SafeDisc 2.51.02x killer :smiley:


I have an LG GCC-4320B Combo Drive and in XP Device manager I enabled “DMA if availiable” and the drive now supports Ultra DMA Mode 2. My LiteOn LTD163D DVD Drive however unfortunately only supports PIO, that suprised me more as I expected the LiteOn to support DMA, oh well go figure.

BTW so far I’ve burnt Safedisc V2 2.51.21 (HOMM IV) with the LG GCC-4320B Drive no problem using ClonyXXL and CloneCD with the ClonyXXL Profile.

Best Regards; Snarl


Looks like I was wrong on the LiteOn LTD163D, I updated the Firmware from GHR3 to GHR6 thanks too “http://digitri.tk/” and now it supports Ultra DMA Mode 2 like the LG GCC-4320B, my cup runneth over :slight_smile:

Best Regards; Snarl