LG GCC-4120B Problems

My first time posting… please bear with me

I have a LG GCC-4120B combo drive. It is a couple of years old. I has been working fine up until last week. I have re-installed the hardware and software, checked all my connections and it still doesn’t work right. It still reads and writes, but at extremly low speeds. When I burn, it starts at 12x then makes its way down to 2 or 3x and the buffer goes right down to 1%.

I am using Roxio 5 Platinum, Pentium III 933, 256MB RAM - if that matters.

I am thinking that the drive is dead. Any solutions or opinions would be helpful.


is DMA enabled for the drive?

I’m using WinXP PRO. In device manager, under secondary IDE Channel Properties, is says “use DMA if available”, and the “current transfer mode is PIO”. I tried to change this in Windows and in my BIOS but I can’t seem to.

delete the channel the drive is installed on and reboot. winxp will reinstall the channel at startup and dma should be enabled then.

Thanks man, you are Awesome! It fixed it!