LG GBW-H20L Super Multi Blue Review

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The LG GBW-H20L is a multi format CD, DVD and Blu-ray disc burner. Curious about this review?

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Circuit City also has the same retail version available for $279.99.

sounds excellent…BUT…pricey!!

Nice but expensive.

Nice but expensive.

As you can see from the TRT and the ScanDisc the GBW-H20L had no problems with this Panasonic media. -> should be VERBATIM media, there’s a mistake there.

infonec web site sells it for $239 Canadian :slight_smile:

This is the exact same drive as the GGW-H20L, which you can find for cheap if you look around. Also, the GGW-H20L has HD-DVD playback while the GBW-H20L does not. The only thing that changed on this new drive was the removal of HD-DVD support because the format war has been won by Blu-Ray. I just bought the GGW-H20L and I am glad I did. The whole objective is to be able to read as many formats as possible. At one time Divx was on its death bed, but you still see it floating around. The specs and the chips sets in each drive are exactly the same. Get this, around here they want 279.00 for the new drive and 239.00 for the older drive. Dont pay more for a drive that is less capable than the old drive. Do your homework they are exactly the same. Also, you can get HD-DVD for like 8.00 bucks versus 30.00 for Blu-Ray. :X :X

Thanks Shawn. I was just about to ask what is difference with this drive compared to GGW-H20L, since original article completly ignored that part. Again thank you Shawn to clearing this out.

Hi, I bought the new one from ***egg and it is SUPER!. Play’s both Blu-Ray & HD DVD Shawn is right but I just Lucked out. (Missed that fact of HD DVD) 239 With 3 day shipping free :X and a blank 25 gb bd-re

Nice and NOT expensive!

Picked it up for $140 at Circuit City today. Me thinks that is a pretty fair price.

I managed to pick this burner up about 2 months ago for 160.00 Canadian with 4 years warrenty from bestbuy got them to price match an online add massive sale. I am not bsing you I can show you my reciet. Any how found only one issue thus far. Stuck it in my tower and went to install a fresh copy of vista 64 bit not sp1 and I kept getting the blue screen of death during set up. I had to put my regualr DVD burner back in on the ide in order for me to finish the install. I put the blue ray back in but got the blue screen of death again until I finished updating vista with the sp1 update I was not able to get the blue ray burner to work without blue screening me.