LG GBC-H20L doesn't recognize disc

Hello, maybe someone can help me with a problem I’m having with a particular Blu-ray disc. It’s fairly new, it came out February 3rd, 2009. It’s the movie Napoleon Dynamite. When I insert this disc, the drive does nothing. If I try to watch the movie using Cyberlink PowerDVD, it says to “Insert a disc into drive D:” even though the disc IS in drive D:. It acts as if there isn’t even a disc in there. Every other Blu-ray I have works just fine so I know it’s not the drive. And I have a standalone Blu-ray player that can play this disc, so I know it’s not a bad disc either. I have heard other people had problems with this disc, but I can’t find a solution…

As a side note, this movie is made by 20th Century Fox, and I seem to have problems with all of the 20th Century Fox movies. Mrs. Doubtfire, The Simpsons Movie, Office Space…they seem to lag and play really choppy. All of my other Blu-ray movies play just fine though. Not sure if this means anything.

Any suggestions?

[Update] This has been resolved. It turns out it was a faulty disc. I exchanged my disc where I bought it, and it worked perfectly. This was odd because the original disc worked in my Sony Blu-ray player, but not in my LG Blu-ray drive. The new disc worked just fine. So if anyone is having problems with their drive totally not recognizing a disc, it could be a bad disc.