LG G-H20N-S10 Totally hangs upon Insertion of Verbatim Disc




I have this TOTALLY WEIRD ASS problem. The drive is new, maybe a month old and it seems to work ok until I insert a blank or written VERBATIM media. It just hangs and EVEN RESETTING the computer doesn’t fix the drive…the tray just won’t open until I cold reset my computer. This is just unbelievable lol…to think I’ve replaced it with another LG which was much older and still kicking. damn :a

Should I get it replaced or what? Thanks.


Looks like you should RMA the drive.

By the way, this only happens with verbatim media?


Yes, I forgot to point out it only happens with Verbatim for some reason. Other media brands seems to read ok but even then I’m a bit skeptic, I’ll get it replaced.