LG G-H20N , G-H20L , GSA-H62N , GSA-H62Nl What is the best?

I don’t worry about lightscript function. I want performance write and read more. please introduce me too. thank you.

LG GSA-H62N is a very good drive as I know here on CDFreaks and it made a very good mark on CDRInfo (http://www.cdrinfo.com/sections/reviews/specific.aspx?ArticleId=20843&PageId=30)

I have an LG GH20NS10 drive which proved to me to be a very good 8x writer drive. (I don’t use high speed, maybe only 12x for my collection DVDs).

GH20NS10 is newer than GSA-H62N … and if you are not interested in high speed writing I would advice you to get an GH20NS10 drive

Good luck

GH20N is the successor of GSA-H66N which is the successor of GSA-H62N.

My GH-20NS10 just “spat the dummy” with lots of rattling when starting a burn. Couldn’t open it by any method! Couldn’t even open the draw with a paperclip. It just released the blank DVD inside to add to the rattling.
Something obviuosly broken and it has only burned 5-7 DVD and read about 20 in it’s 5 weeks of life. Let’s hope it’s just an odd failure?