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I have often wondered why there is no LG or Samsung forum in international CD recordable sites. I can often see LiteOn, Yamaha, Plextor, and so on.

First, I’d like to know how many people in CD Freaks want an LG forum here. I want it, of course.

The fact that I am a South Korean living less than one hour away from the LG headquarter does not automatically mean I like the company.

Personally I don’t mind having an LG forum, nor do I mind an Yamaha forum, Benq forum, Sony forum, HP forum and all those other brands for a dedicated forum.

I have no idea what LG’s market share is when it comes to writers, I know that is is a rising star at the moment (and has close contacts with Philips, a Dutch company :wink: ). But for every forum there should be enough people to visit it and a good moderator who knows his stuff about the brand.

When it comes to ODD (Optical Disk Drive), that is, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-RAM/-R/-RW/+R/+RW/Multi drives for PC, LG and Samsung have roughly half of the world market share. LiteOn and other Taiwanese manufacturers have most of the rest. LG’s market share IS rising but it has been that way since late 1990s. LG alone has close to 30% of CD writer market and arond two thirds of South Korean market.

LG has close contacts with Philips, right, but that is mostly about LG.Philips. LCD, rather than the optical storage part of LG Electronics. LG Electronics and Hitachi have a small joint venture called Hitachi LG Data Storage that are both in Tokyo and Seoul.

Since LG has decided not to support recording software makers any longer :Z I hope people stop buying that.
How can a company be so stupid :eek:

Originally posted by alexnoe
Since LG has decided not to support recording software makers any longer :Z I hope people stop buying that.
How can a company be so stupid :eek:

What do you mean? LG first bundled Adaptec’s Easy CD in their CD writers and later changed to Ahead’s Nero Burning Rom. How can a CD recording hardware makers not support CD recording software makers? LG cheated Ahead?

They don’t send software makers any writers for free any longer(which is need for testing and debugging purposes or to track down bugs that occur only with certain writers).

You can read more about it here.

Well, if Intel stop sending new processors and chipsets to motherboard and software developers, it will very soon lose a lot of industry support. The communication seems to have happened between German Feurio and LG Electronics Germany though all I know about German is what I learned in early 1989 for a few months. Jae-Bol (which literally means rich house in Chinese-Korean) companies like LG are extremely bureaucratic and rigid, to a degree that must be completely unimaginable to most people outside East Asia. From my own experiences, I know it is much more pleasant and easier to work with HP and Sun Microsystems than with various Gye-Yol-Sa (daughter companies) of LG and Samsung.

The very first thing Samsung Electronics did to capture the US PC monitor market in early 1990s was to give away countless monitors to everyone.

More here:

The most important sentence:

Es könne nicht angehen, dass Plextor von einem Konkurrenten mit Raubkopien in Verbindung gebracht werde, sagte Patrick Peeters … “Das ist eine sehr ernste Anschuldigung.” In einem Schreiben an LG heißt es, Plextor erwäge rechtliche Schritte, um den Schaden zu begrenzen, der mit dem “inkorrekten Statement Ihrer Firma angerichtet wurde”


It could not be tolerated that plextor is associated with piracy by a competitor, says Patrick Peeters… “This is a severe accusation.” According to a letter to LG, Plextor might take legal steps to minimize the damage which the “incorrect statement of Your company has caused”

I have read it with the help of Babel Fish translation. Sort of a funny situation. :slight_smile:

For LG, it’s certainly not going to be funny :stuck_out_tongue:

Originally posted by alexnoe
For LG, it’s certainly not going to be funny :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe for those working for LG in Germany and Europe.

In South Korea, people buy LG DVD players LG air-contitioners with LG credit card at LG Mart. The most expensive computer part I have ever bought was an LG DRAM module. Some of the most expensive and luxurious houses (usually by the hundreds to thousands) are built by LG. LG has some of the most influential commuication-Internet companies. 019 PCS service, the latest PCS phones, and the best CD writers and LCD monitors are LG’s. The real LG was the petroleum company that also makes soap and has lots of gas stations. All even after DJ tried to kill those Jae-Bol groups in a futile national reform effort. LG is now the third after Samsung and Hyundai.

That is why communication is so slow and seemingly impossible. I’ve often noticed less than a few dozens of people can create some noise in the US and in Europe against powerful and large companies while thousands of people doing worse things here often goes unnoticed by the media even.

Anyway, I predict there will be more than 100,000,000 LG CD/DVD writers in the next few years around the world. LG has had Blu-ray and HDTV recorders as well, just waiting for the right time. People in Seoul hardly understand English, not to mention the German language written by the real Germans. Not even the ones sending letters to partners and contracters I mean. How could they do business in the continental Europe has always been a great mystery to me. :bigsmile: