LG Firmware "support"

I have an old LG GSA-4120 installed on my girlfirend’s PC and i want to ask a simple question.
Is there any way to be able to write dvdr’s that they r rated 16x in this freaking writer faster than 4x or i should always change media codes(not an lg prog) for every pack of dvd i buy and reflash the firmawre(or should i buy the 8x rated that 99% of them r bad quality)?
There was some hope with a beta firmware that crossflash a 4120 to 4160 by TDB but i read that they will not release this firmware nor support it.They did the firmware and i cant blame them for not releasing it but i wanted this firmawre not to make my 12X dvdrw a 16X dvdrw but to be able to write 16x rated dvds faster than 4X.FFS i do the same job with my Pioneer 106(4x).LG is not putting 16x rated dvds media codes in this firmware even @ 12x that this writer is suppose to write.Is this FW support?IMHO no its not.
Am i wrong?

PS: plz do not tell me to go and buy a new dvdrw i have plenty of them old and new ones…the reason of this post is the big “WHY” that bugs me.

I think you are wrong.

If you use supported 16x media, they will burn at 16x or your system, OS, or hardware setup is the culprint.

That’s the problem.Because the unit is the 4120 and its a 12x dvd recorder the firmware does not support 16x media.In the firmware the mediacode does not exist (for example tdk.003) so it uses the generic 4X strategy to record them.I wonder if the 12X plextor or the other same speed recorders have the same issues.

Only 8x for -R and 12x for +R with this burner.

From what I can tell, this writer is pretty much an 8x writer, really. The 12x part of it consists of it overspeeding certain 8x DVD+R MIDs to 12x. It was never made to burn 16x discs at all. At the time it came out, I don’t think 16x discs existed yet.

Firmware support for this drive ended quite a long time ago and there haven’t been any updates in quite a long time. The last firmware version, A117 still did not include support for any 16x media. Two things have made the problem worse :

  1. A flurry of new writer models released by LG in the past few months. In the past 6 months or so, LG released 4 new internal writers, 3 of which were intended to replace each other as the next generation of writers. As a result, support has been steadily dropped for older writers. Unfortunately, the 4120B is a really old model by now and there does not seem to by any more firmware support for it.

  2. Disc manufacturers phasing out 8x discs. Quite a lot of the biggest disc manufacturers have started phasing out their 8x disc production and replacing it with 16x discs. Because of this, you see less 8x discs on sale and more 16x discs instead. That has probably made it harder to get hold of 8x discs and made your situation worse.

While I can understand how you feel and the situation you are in, you really cannot expect a manufacturer to support a 2yr old model.

My advice to you is simple : if you can shop online, you may still be able to get hold of good quality 8x media. Buy one lot of say 25pcs of 8x Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden discs to try. If they work well with your writer, buy a large amount (e.g. 200-400pcs) and stock up on it. This way you can still carry on using your writer for at least another year (depending on how much of burning you do). By that time, the drive will either have worn itself out, or the prices of new models would be even cheaper and it would be time to upgrade to a newer model.

Not for all 8x DVD+R MIDs. Only 5 are supported at 12x. That is typical of LG writers with Renesas chipsets.

As i said in my 1st post the problem is not that i do not want to upgrade to a new writer.I have the nec 3500, LG 4163 and a benq 1640.But the 4120 was barely used and i feel that the money i’ve spend on the 4120 were wasted.Because TDB mention that they will not release the firmware i do not want to bother them with emails etc asking them the firmware.Maybe i’ll try to take advantage of the situation and hope they do not have any 4120 at they’r stock anymore so i’ll try a firmware update and press reset while upgrading or whatever have to do to brick the unit, :a RMA it and hope for at least a 4160 that CAN write more than 4X on new dvds.If they send me a 4120 again then i’ll have to put it away and buy another recorder…and not lg for sure.
I’ve not read alot bout the new 18X plextor but i hope it just overspeeds the 16x discs and there will not be a new wave of dvdrw 18x capable with all companies starting to manifacturing them and new dvd discs with 18x media codes.Imagine a market with 18x media code dvds that they can be written @4x (generic strategy) in u’r almost new dvd recorder.

Can’t you just buy 8x media that your burner supports?

That was my point. I did not suggest getting a new burner now. I said to try and get hold of 8x media and use that for at least a year till the burner’s life is over.

I could do that but u know LG firmwares.Will it burn them @8x? :wink:
Or the dvd have they’r media code on them so i know what i buy?I have encounter diff media codes in the same pack.

That’s what the blank media section of this forum is for :slight_smile: People trade information about what media codes match what discs.

I have heard that That’s DVD discs are available in certain parts of Greece. I don’t know if it is true, but if you can get hold of those, they are definitely Taiyo Yuden discs. The media codes for the 8x version are YUDEN000-T02 (8x DVD+R) and TYG02 (8x DVD-R). These are really good stuff and the media codes will always be the same. Unlike some other brands, That’s is the house brand of Taiyo Yuden itself, not some third rate company which buys media from other people and puts its brand on it.

Failing that, you can always get Verbatim 8x DVD+R/-R discs. Those should always be MCC003 (DVD+R) or MCC02RG20 (DVD-R). Avoid Verbatim Pearl tops though - those can be something else.

These two brands are better quality stuff that most people recommend. If you have trouble getting them in stores, maybe you can try buying them from online stores. It may be cheaper as well.

There is another good reason to get them : Verbatim/Taiyo Yuden media codes tend to be used by drive manufacturers to tune their drives. So those should definitely burn at 8x. If you have some doubts, just get a small amount to try first(e.g. 25pcs).

You know there is a problem here.They r avaliable in certain part of Greece means they r avaliable in certain parts of Athens, the capital with 1/2 of the ppl live in greece (4,5/10 mils).And i do not live in Athens anymore :-).So i have 4 options:

  1. Buy them online (mess with cc etc)
  2. Mail order them from Athens.
  3. Buy what the across street local stores have (RICOHJPN.R03 for example is not the best but its not bad at least in my 4163)
  4. RMA the drive :slight_smile:

What would U do in my case?

I do not want a exlellent quality rec because as i have notice the quality scans do not show alot of things.
I have a movie with perfect quality scan that was written by my 3500 and freeze in my dvd deck player (sony and there was a post bout nec recorders and sony deck players) and i have a princo (yes princo) written in my old pioneer 106 2 or 3 years ago with i do not know how many pie/pifs (it starts with 500 pie and counting;p) that plays fine in my deck.(that’s the reason i have my 3500 for reading only)

PS:If some1 could send me the 4120@4160 firmware and its ok with TDB plz do so @ rewtgr at gmail dot com (i’m lazy and i haven’t RMA the drive yet ;p)

I’d probably go with 1. but only if you are comfortable with using a cc online. I’d ask around the blank media forum though, as people there can probably tell you which online stores will ship to Greece and which offer the best deals for you. Not to mention the fact that they can tell you which online stores are trustworthy.

respect @ TDB :wink:

I take it they sent you the beta 4120B->4160B firmware?

can someone pls point me in the direction or tell me where to get the 4120B->4160B firmware. i also have the same problem as where any 16x media will only burn at 4x max and wuld like to fix this. thanks very much

I got some Infiniti 8x media in my last batch (£7 for 50) and it is MCC 02RG20 and as I read in the sales blurb they are made for Infiniti by Verbatim and not fakes.
I have been very happy with them, and as far as the tests I have done against some real verb -R it seems very close and in quite a few cases better, but I have put this down to the age of my verb -R and the amount of use they have had.

But IMO worth a try if you can get hold of them.

It isn’t available from any website. You probably have to email TDB and ask them if they are willing to give you a copy.