LG Firmware Flashing Question for GSA-H42L

Hi folks, the info from LG states I need to put this on on its own IDE channel set up as a master to allow me to flash the new SL01 firmware.
Now unfortunately I have a Dell 4700 which uses CSEL to identify the drives on the sole IDE Channel (HD is SATA)

Do I have to remove the other DVD drive from the IDE channel and switch the jumper on the LG drive to Master from CSEL before I can burn the new firmware??

Can some of you gurus please advise my safest course of action on this one.

Thanks in advance for your help

cheers Bryce

I flashed mine with no problems but can’t see why you can’t with your set up as the flasher utility if I remember right won’t allow you to flash unless it is the right drive. So I think you’re safe but would see if others say the same as I did too. FYI that is a great drive as I own one too.

Thanks for your input Dr, any of you others care to put in your two pence worth please