LG firmware data decoder



for everyone who wants to look into internals of LG firmwares:

decoder that extracts data from encrypted firmware updater EXEs.

note: extracted data is not an exact binary image of firmware! I didn’t dig deep inside LG flasher, so I don’t know how flasher works. let’s assume these decoded data as ‘parts of firmware’.

tested only with firmwares for gsa-4160B.


Can’t D/L the file from the address below:

Can anyone tell where to D/L the file?


Just DL it from the same link, no problem what so ever !! :slight_smile:



It works with firmwares for GSA-4120B too.


Well, I was wrong. It works for A115, but it doesn’t work for A104 and A111. I haven’t tried others.


New version 1.01 is ready. I tested it with dozen firmwares for different drives :slight_smile: