LG Firing Blanks



Hi Folks

I have an LG DR386D DVD recorder. I used it recently to record a Classic Albums program featuring Frank Zappa and the Mothers. The program itself was littered with ad breaks. Deciding that I would enjoy the program more with no ads, I took the DVD to my PC, which runs Windows XP Professional. My problem is that, while the DVD is visible on the TV from the LG player, the DVD appears blank to my PC. I therefore cannot remove ads as intended. Can anyone suggest anything? Regards.


hi, u have to finalised the disc on ur recorder first so that it can be read on ur pc.


Thanks benz

How do I finalse the dvd?



Thanks again benz

I’ve discovered how to finalise DVDs using some web searches and the problem I had is solved.



ur welcome



instead of using your pc to remove ads on your discs most lg recorders have built in software to do this job. when you have a disc in your machine press disc menu and highlite your recording then press large ok button, a list should appear at the side allowing you to make changes to your recording by editing. then you can finalize your disc in your recorder.