LG fails to open door or to move the cd/dvd inside [GSA-E10N]

I have a dvd burner LG GSA-E10N brand new .
It is an extern via usb burner, composed of an normal intern drive (GSA-E10N), plus an adapter IDE/usb board, getting power thru its power adapter 12V/2A. (same as a laptop adapter in size and look)

It was reading ok, till second day when I forget my power supply home and I try to power it form an transformer giving 14V/1A power. It didn’t work meaning that when I pushed the button to open door, the led was blinking, but the door wasn’t opened. Then I was really needing it, so I try to power it with a PC power supply turned on by connecting the green and the black cable and then give it the 12V; this way won’t word either; it did the same thing: did not open the door.
Next day I bring its original power supply and it did the same thing: the led was blinking but the door was not moving; ok, so I open manually the door and insert the cd in it. It didn’t move the cd. It’s like it has all three motors down. In windows everythings is normaly: the drive is seen ok, I try even make firmware upgrade, but still the same problem.
I wan’t to mention that the (internal) drive itself is the problem, and not the adaptor IDE/usb board; this works just fine with another drive.
So, do you have any sugestions? I must say that I lost the warranty since I opened the drive inside. :frowning:

Hi and welcome!

Seems you have a new doorstop. You killed the drive by applying the wrong voltages. Maybe you have fed the 5V line (yes, any optical drive needs 12V and 5V) with 14V:eek: