LG Electronics Germany to launch a 4x Blu-ray writer in June

I just posted the article LG Electronics Germany to launch a 4x Blu-ray writer in June.

 For a  while, Toshiba seems to have a lead with HD DVD players already on the market,                 however, Blu-ray is leaping head when it comes to the burner market  with LG...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11906-LG-Electronics-Germany-to-launch-a-4x-Blu-ray-writer-in-June.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11906-LG-Electronics-Germany-to-launch-a-4x-Blu-ray-writer-in-June.html)

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only 6x cd-r though!!! need atleast 40x! nice specs apart from that, not as good as current dvd burners, but im sure blue-ray burners will be the same specs as dvd burners in 1yr (i hope).

It must be a bugg because the reading specs point to 40x and it would be rather strange to see just 6x writting speed.

Well it will be just like with DVD-burners, when they hit 6x everyone started getting the burners. The early ones will not be good. Thats for sure.

IF the price referred as most likely proves to be right, it will cost around 800 Euro (€ 799.00 is the suggested) and this will be a disavantage worse than the CD-R writting speed.

bah, does anyone even use cds still? cant remember when i burned last one…

use cd’s now and again, usually just to burn a 700mb .avi movie or to make an audio cd.

Specs are a little “weak” IMO, but there again it is effectively 1st gen hardware (not counting the very small numbers of consumer BD devices mainly resticted to asia). Give it a few months for the companies to get to grips and specs will soon ramp up while prices should drop (along with media prices hopefully).

When can we buy it here in the states… i hope we dont have to wait till December!!

The next one will complain that there is no floppy legacy support with it - or what?? You’ll buy a Blu-Ray Burner to use it for CDs - you tell me and I LMAO.