LG e60n for £20, should i buy?



i have a laptopo oatm and have figured that an external burner is best esp as my optical bay is taken up by a second hdd

and i have the chance to buy a e60n for £20, im gonna be using mcc004 verbatim and mkm001/003

or should i just look for another drive?


I’d buy it, considering my E10N cost double that :wink:

Is it used, or brand new?


it is used but includes postage


i have 1 day to reply


Hmmm…well for £20 you can’t really go wrong (LG drives are pretty robust), especially for an external, which are usually more expensive than their internal counterparts, at least here in the UK.

If you don’t want it, I’ll have it for £20 inc. postage :bigsmile:


yeah, i guess its only 20

and i could always sell it, would allow me to finally start emptying my hard disks of gb hogging dvd fab copies!

i guess ive gotta get some blanks now!


:bigsmile: I agree with the fluff! She knows her stuff! :bigsmile:


well in the end i got a new e60n for £20 with delivery! yay