LG E40N initialising issues



hey guys. well i have the external LG E40N, latest firmware on it etc. in the last few months ive noticed a couple of things. on bootup on the main computer sometimes the drive either wouldnt be recognised, and, when plugging back in would get an error saying something is wrong with the hardware. or, if it did load, the reading speed/burning speed was shocking.

on the main pc i have 3 internal burners and 3 sata hard drives so i thought maybe its due to power usage. but, on the other computer which is similar specs, i noticed that when i tried to read a dvd it was super slow. i unplugged the power in the back, reconnected and it went back to how it should be which is working properly.

is it an issue with the drive? ive got HiSpeed USB 2 enabled in the pc bios for both pc’s also.

1st pc is as follows:
-3 Hard Drives (Western Digital)
-3Gb of Ram
-GTX280 Nvidia
-X-Fi Soundcard
-Quad Core Pentium

2nd pc is as follows:
-1 Hard Drive (Western Digital)
-2Gb Ram
-8800 GTX Nvidia
-Onboard Sound
-Dual Core 2 Duo