Help me My DVD Writer Is Stuck On 1.2x 2x On Standard DVD±R Why? I just don’tget it…After I format it works fine @ 5.6x at first then it blocks…Help please…See Pic Below…

My H.D Is a SATA 120GB
THE DVDRAM Is Primary Master IDE
My DVD ROM Is Secondary Slave I HAD A 250 GB IDE HD

are you sure you have DMA enabled ?

It was in PIO Mode but now that I fixed it it writes my 8x Sky DVDs @ the speed of 6x never @ 8x and 40x CDs @ 16x Why? this time Ultra DMA Mode 2 Is Enabled…Any clue as why this is happening…Don’t have the money for a new drive…

Did you “ask” to use the “best speed”?
Sky DVDs seem to be to the cheap side and 8x is just a nominal value.
I don’t know your application, but the ones I use give me the choice: (1) set the speed and get coasters if its too much for the used media or (2) ask it to check the media and accept it will be lower the burning speed for some media.
So, appart from system/hardware tunning you need to take this into consideration also.

By the way, is your’s drive firmware up to date or is it the original one?
Updated firmware can contribute to better performance with specific media.

sorry i don’t know much about Roxio software.

the Sky DVD-Rs i have are fake TY, not very good media. i manage to burn them at 8x but the burn quality isn’t that great.
try using better media. i recommend Verbatim or TY stuff if you can find it.

OK I also tried Using Samsung DVD-R 8X And Melody 8X DVD-r And Iomega 8X DVD-R Still the same thing I Use Nero 7.x And Roxio Easy Media Creator Deluxe Edition v8.x And Cheetah DVD Burner also I sometimes use the built-in DVD Burner From AppZ Like Autorun Media Studio And DVD-Shrink They Write At 7.x Speed Max although I ask them to write @ max Speed…My Firmware is A306 The latest from LG…Also Tried The Speed Hack Still No Changes…It’s not a big Prob But I’d Like to fix it nevertheless…If I ever get 16x DVD-Rs @ what speed will the work??? Sometimes I get 8x DVD-Rs and they write @ 12x !!! How Come !!!

make sure your HD is defragged.

Unfortunatle, none of those are decent quality media. Not one of those brands make their own discs - all are made by various manufacturers. Samsung has also been known to be fake TY, Melody uses some manufacturers which are so bad, nobody knows exactly who they are (MEDIA-ID-001). I have some Melody DVD discs which have edges that rot off after a while.

Iomega is probably the least horrible of the lot but still far from being good quality stuff. Those are MCC003 (see below) but made by lower quality manufacturer Mitsubishi Electric rather than the better known Mitsubishi Kagaku Media (Mitsubishi Chemicals, also Verbatim).

Your writer is quite picky about what media it uses and it really does not like low quality media. That is probably why it burns those lower quality 8x discs slower than 8x - that is the best it can handle those without churning out coasters!

In addition to defragmenting your hard drive, please, try and use decent quality media like Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden. That should cure quite a lot of your problems.

If I understand this correctly, that increases reading speed for discs, not writing speed. So it really won’t help in your situation.

If you ever want to use 16x media, there is a very short list of brands your writer supports. All are DVD+R media and your writer doesn’t support 16x DVD-R media at all. If you use anything else, you will end up being only able to write thoe 16x discs at 4x. It was the first 16x writer LG released, so it’s 16x writing support is a bit limited. This is the list of supported 16x media :

[li]LGEP16001 (LG 16x DVD+R - not very good quality media, probably made by Infodisc Korea as LG doesn’t make media)
[/li][li]MAXELL003 (Maxell 16x DVD+R, ONLY if the packaing says Made in Japan)
[/li][li]MBIG101R05 (Moser Baer 16x DVD+R and MMore 16x DVD+R)
[/li][li]MCC004 (Verbatim 16x DVD+R)
[/li][li]PHILIPSC16 (Philips 16x DVD+R)
[/li][li]RICOHJPNR03 (Ricoh 16x DVD+R)
[/li][li]SONYD21 (Sony 16x DVD+R)
[/li][li]TDK003 (TDK 16x DVD+R - no longer in production)

There are 5 8x DVD+R media codes which your writer can burn at 12x (typo corrected - thanks ala!):

[li]MCC003 (Verbatim 8x DVD+R)
[/li][li]RICOHJPNR02 (Ricoh 8x DVD+R)
[/li][li]MAXELL002 (Maxell 8x DVD+R, Made in Japan version only)
[/li][li]TDK002 (TDK 8x DVD+R, no longer in production)
[/li][li]YUDEN000T02 (Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD+R, Plextor 8x DVD+R, Verbatim Pastel 8x DVD+R)
I suspect your Iomega discs are MCC003 but made under contract by a lower quality manufacturer (see above) so those were the ones that burned at 12x. From reports of other people who have tried these discs, the burn quality isn’t that good though.


My Philips branded 16x DVD+R are INFOME R30.
See also http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=156765


Exactly, cheap media…

Thanks. Didn’t know that. So apparently you may or may not get PHILIPSC16 when you buy Philips 16x DVD+R discs.

O/T : btw, Infomedia discs are actually quite decent in quality. They just have poor firmware support apart from BenQ writers, it seems. For some reason, even the older BenQ DW-1620 had decent support for INFOME R20 (8x +R version).

nokia999i : you might want to avoid Philips 16x DVD+R discs then. Your writer doesn’t support INFOME R30 and will end up burning those at 4x if you end up with that instead of PHILIPSC16.