Lg Dvd


I have just bought ne LG DVDx16 double layer recorder and I installed the software which I got in the box (ammong others Nero 6 Express). I tried to burn three DVD+R disks and all attepmts failed during writing image when the process was 50% completed. I used two different media: TDK DVD+R x8 and Vakoss DVD+R x4 and the result was always the same. It failed in exactly the same place. The strange thing is that I recorded the same image to TDK DVD+RW without any problems. Another strange thing for me is that when I burn DVD+R disk the writting process is very fast. It reaches 50% completion in less than 2 minutes. When I used Nero to check disk speed it detected x 49 speed. Is it normal? Another worring thing is that the Nero Recoreder state (when writing DVD+R) changes to failed. Could anybody please help me to determine what is wrong? Do I need any special driver for my DVD recorder? I did not installed any driver (I’m using Windows XP). I have another optical driver in my system. It is Lite-on CD writer? Can it be a problem for my DVD writer? I have also some CD/DVD writing software installed: InCD, CloneCD. Could that cause the problem? Can the problem be related to wrong hardware installation (master/slave switch or any other)? Shall I return my writer to the shop?

I am attaching my Nero Log. Please help.