LG DVD-writer

I was thinking of buying a LG dvdwriter and my store has 2 options that are more or like the same, so I wonder if there are any differences between these two: LG GSA-4163B | LG GSA-4163BB
Anyway, want to be sure before I buy.
What do you say?

Two B’s or not two B’s, that is the question. I have the one B but I believe they would be the same. By the way it is a good unit to own. :iagree:

I bought a bb model from shop4tech for $50.39 with 10% off code shipped!great -r dvd (taiyo yuden) burner also cd-r. I have attached a dvd scan burned @ 8x firmware a104. This is my first time posting a scan so forgive me if I made a mistake I think bb is just a code for beige color very low pif total on every burn so far :clap:

is the BB a black faced drive?

this one is fantastic!!! :bow:

I bought oem which is only beige face

mine was retail, and beige, but usually the second letter means a colour or very small changes.

yes it appears second letter is for color (GSA-4163BK - Black) LG Beige IDE DVD Burner Model (GSA-4163BB) - OEM @ newegg, BI is beige retail

Well, there are actually 4 different models to chose from:
LG GSA-4163B
of which the first two ones are beige and the last ones are black. But still, there must be a difference between the B and the BB, right? The price is the same. The BB seems to be a bulk package, so should I just go with the one B, which is also the only one I found on LG:s homepage? But if B is OEM, does it mean that BB has something that B doesn’t have?

the only thing I can tell you is my 4163bb included the burner and nothing else