LG DVD Writer problem



Using DVD Shrink I copied 2 films from DVD writer to my hard drive, when burning these films to DVD using Nero it is getting btw 2%/4% complete and the writer ‘dies’ no error message…nothing DVD writer dead and will not eject.I have to close down to retrieve dvd from drive which is obviously unusable,all other features of the writer are working ie DV/CD player and vhs to dvd(feature of this model)This has just started happening.The 2 DVD’s in question were Reg 1 has this done anything when copying to hard drive with shrink?? Tried a couple of films on my hard drive that I had not burnt,same problem stuck at 2%/4% completion.If all else fails the DVD Writer is still under guarantee

Any advice appreciated


Can you elaborate on the exact model and typenumber of the DVD writer?
Could you also show us a screenshot of Nero’s DriveInfo tool?


MrB the model is LG GSA 5169D link http://www.digitaldingus.com/reviews/lgelectronics/gsa5169d/gsa5169dconclusion.php

I will poet a nero sshot when I get back home this evening what I can say is on Nero 6 when I set the dropdown to DVD the dvd video file icon is not there (‘film strip’)

any help appreciated


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I would ask what media you’re using as well, I’ve had the same symptoms with crappy media. LG’s tend to like the good stuff.

Of course, if you’re using good media, ignore the above :wink: