LG DVD Writer not recognized in IDE ch 1

ok, so I have a new WD SATA Hard Drive which runs great, and an LG DVD Burner on IDE 1, BenQ DVD Burner on IDE 2.

I’m using a Gigabyte 925X Motherboard, 3 IDE connectors, the problem is the LG does not appear anywhere…as if it’s not there

I tried messing with the cmos settings to no avail because, er, I don’t know wtf I’m doing wrong with regards to the SATA settings


Try to swap the drive to another IDE connector.

Have you checked jumpers? If the drive is alone on a IDE channel it should be set as master.

Moreover, be sure that the master drive is plug on the external connector of the IDE cable (the intermediate connector is for the slave device).

Try setting all your IDE devices to Auto/Auto detect in Bios as well.