LG DVD Writer not reading certain discs

i realise this may have been posted before but i can’t find a problem that matches mine. i recently bought the allandale core 2 motherboard and processor, when i put my LG dvd writer with light scribe, into my new machine it suddenly would not read certain discs - no disc in particular it doesn’t descriminate!!! some it reads fine and some not although it does seem it won’t read any rewitable discs. evertything else seems fine. i’m running XP pro SP2. please someone HELP!!!

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To exclude a damaged drive, can you try to install this drive on a different computer? If it behaves in this way also in another machine, then the drive is damaged and you should get a RMA

If you are using Nvidia IDE channel drivers uninstall them and reboot. They can cause wierd things like no DMA support, ect. Windows will reinstall new microsoft drivers on reboot.

thanks i will try that and get back to you, can i just add that it’s bloody amazing that people are willing to help total strangers in these forums, and a big thankyou to you all