LG DVD RW won't recognize blank dvds

I bought an old dvd burner off of a friend, and now the darn thing doesn’t seem to work (go figure). So anyways, it can read DVDs just fine, but when I put in a blank dvd to dump some files onto it, it says that the ‘Disc in the recorder is not the proper media for this project.’
I’ve tried with various dvd-burning software, and all with more or less the same result.
The discs I’m using are Fujifilm DVD+R, recordable up 8x. Not sure if that makes a difference at all, but any help anyone has would be most appreciated. :slight_smile:

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“…old dvd burner…”

You might need to update the firmware in the drive so it will recognize newer media. Otherwise, try some other brands of DVD-R or DVD+R. Check out the Optical Drive Forum for hints and links to firmware – LG firmware is tricky to locate. regards, gamma1