LG DVD-ROM/RAM Burner (GSA-4166B) Firmware Flashing Woes :(

Hey everyone,

I went to go flash my firmware on my GSA-4166B from 1.00 to 1.02 and all was going perfectly well. Followed all instructions, only had my one drive on secondary master, etc…not a care in the world, and then… there was, ahem… ‘power trouble.’

Suffice to say, my computer restarted before the flash was done, and, frankly, the flash ‘failed.’ :stuck_out_tongue:

Now, when I restarted, and ever since, my BIOS won’t even recognize that there’s a drive on the secondary master IDE channel, it’s as if the thing isn’t even plugged in to power.

Anyway, obviously if the BIOS can’t even detect it there’s a problem… Is there any kind of jumper setting and/or other lower level things that can be done to re-flash this sucker? A utility on unix or DOS? I extracted the BIN file from LG’s happy little windows utility thing, so I do have that going for me… :stuck_out_tongue:

I emailed LG’s help and called and such but apparently they’re closed until Monday…and likely as all tech support does will probably try to make me ship it out to them and leave me driveless! :o If there’s any kind of fix I can do here I’d really love to hear it! I hope the drive isn’t permanently toasted!


Nevermind, I solved the problem. Apparently the flash didn’t fail and the little power surge I had just decided to make it flakey and not working until next power down and restart…works fine at 1.02 now - weird.