LG DVD-Rom for rip?



Hi all!

I bought the LG 16X DVD-ROM 48X CD-ROM IDE UDMA33 INT OEM (GDR-8163B) from NCIX to make a copy of my DVD’s (Yes, I BOUGHT them! ), and I’m using DVD Shrink 3.2 for the backup and copy process.

I’m burning with a NEC-3500A on 4x discs (so the maximum speed is limited to 4x, or roughly 5500KB/s), however, when I’m using the LG DVD-ROM to rip/copy the cd to my hard-drive, it copies at roughly 2500KB/s.

Any idea why ripping with my LG is slower than actually BURNING with my NEC?

Would I be better off returning my LG in favour of a lite-on DVD rom, or is there someway to up the speed of the LG?

Thank you!


Not 100% familiar with that drive model, but it sounds like it has a built in riplock. To appease the MPAA, et al., some drive manufacturers limit the reading speed of DVD-Video discs to 2x or something similarly slow. Modded firmware might be available, and if you are looking for a non rip-lock replacement, I can confirm that the JLMS/Lite-On DVD-ROM drives can rip at full 16x.

You will also see slow ripping speeds with badly scratched discs, regardless of rip-lock.


I have an LG DVD-ROM. I hate it. It ripped normal CDs pretty terribly and Topology reading (for all the CD people) was an absolute nightmare.