LG DVD-ROM 8163b and DVD-R

My LG DVD-ROM 8163b (bios OL23 TDB Auto) have problem with read DVD-R (RitekG04) burned on LG 4163b. It is normal?? Any suggestions??

No problems here.
My firmware is OL23.
I don’t understand yours ;).

Maybe less tolerant G04.

Or the hacked firmware?

I thing that is the dvd is failure becouse first test in nero scandisk is ok second test have errors (in this same dvd-r)
i change the dvd rom to the another one, also 8163 ol23 and now is OK…

Hey just curious, how fast does the 8163 read DVD recordable media? Like what’s the average speed for a full 4.36GB DVD±R?


This is a DVD-R that has 6 full games from CD’s.

Oh hey, thank you for your screenshot :slight_smile:

It seems DVD writers are better for reading DVD recordable disks than that one. :slight_smile:

If the DVD had more data on it, I think it could be faster.
And maybe it is due to many folders inside.I don’t know.
Anyway,I have the reader only to take the load of the writer.

Looking at the graph of the transfer rate test of yours, I think it’s just the drive’s capability limited to low speeds by LG to ensure silent reading rather than fast reading. :slight_smile: For hardware and PC makers, it’s very important to make sure their products remain silent on end user environment. They take more care about ergonomic factors than speed factors. That is also why I always prefer 4x DVD writing to 52x CD writing. :slight_smile: For that matter, 2x DVD writing is better than 52x CD writing as far as I am concerned and for all practical purposes 2x DVD proves to be faster than 52x CD because of all the time spent on swapping disks and re-complilation jobs. Though many people consider CD writing features and performances when shopping for DVD writers, most of them tend to make very few uses out of their drives. Even the “hard-core” users often forget the fact their DVD writers can also burn CD disks because they become very satisfied with DVD burning after they switched from CD to DVD. As for reading again, even 5x average-speed DVD reading is much faster than 32x-52x max-speed CD reading. :slight_smile: (But for fast DVD reading, ND-3500A and Lite-On DVD drives are perhaps better.)