LG DVD Recorder w/ video Cass. Recorder LRY-517

I purchased a LG DVD Recorder/Video Cassette Recorder Model LRY-517 on 12/22/05 - It worked with no problems at all until a month ago. Now, when I record something from regular (basic cable) channels, it won’t let me Finalize the disk all the time. I am using DVD+R disks.

For example:
I record a race on TNT - I can finalize
I record a race on TNT the next day - I can’t finalize
I record a movie on NBC - I can’t finalize
I record a movie on Hallmark - I can finalize
I record a movie on NBC - I can finalize

Then I can finalize everything I record for days at a time, then suddenly I’m back to I can’t finalize disks here and there again.

Is there something wrong with the dvd recorder??? I looked for reviews or problems on this model but can not locate any on the net.

I have tried different packages of disks and the same thing happens.

Today something new happened. Before when I couldn’t finalize I could still watch what I recorded, though since it didn’t finalize there was no title menu, then today, it says there is a disk error. I tried another disk and it worked and finalized, I tried another and it came back like the first with failure to finalize and a disk error.

Please help!

I intend to say the Recorder is in a process of fading away or the firmware of the recorder for programming like finalizing has been corrupted and as far as I know there is no way of upgrading or reinstalling the firmware on these stand alone recorders.