LG Dvd recorder 7500

Hi I have had a good search of this forum and aploligise if I have anything that would help me.

My LG Dvd recorder shuts down on it’s own accord, loses audio and shows a please wait message. It still shows me the menu title with everthing I have recorded which I can still play.

But if I try to record something it records for about five minutes then shuts down. or even when you just leave it on it shuts down and no one is near it. it has also gave me a purple and green screen.

Please help it is drving me crazy. (I have tried the reset several times to no avail.)

Hi there,

I know this thread is a bit old but I’m desperate.
I have an RH7500 that is not even a year and a half old and it is doing the same things as you mentioned. Did you have any luck getting yours to work or can you reccommend what I should do as it is just out of warranty.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.