LG DVD-R - Infodisc?



Was wondering if someone could help me. LG have brought out their 8x DVD-R discs at a good price. They are not the LGE08 MID but rather are Infodisc made MID = INFODISC -R20. They are made in Korea. The only thing I can find out about them are that they are made maybe by this mob.

Does anyone have any knowedge of these discs? They seem to be well made and have a nice dark dye similar to verbatim. They use AZO etc.


Keep your expectations very low for this media.


Infodisc has factory in Korea producing CD-R and DVD and its natural for LG to outsource their DVD to them if the price is right and quality is acceptable to LG. Also, be prepared to see Chinese made LG DVD in future.


Do you know which factory in China or Taiwan is making the LG DVD-R at the moment?


I heard that prodisc was making the LGE04 and LGE08 discs for them. These were/are good discs for me. I bought these other ones thinking they were going to be LGE08’s.
I cannot find any scand with this media anywhere. I have seen a scan for a dvd-rw disc made by infodisc and it was good. PIE = 4 PIF = 2.
Try them I guess.


I just did a quick burn with one of these discs. My burner dosen’t support scans so here is a speed transfer test.


good thing your burner doesn’t support scan so your speed transfer still look pretty. Otherwise it will not look pretty


No, I don’t know exactly which factory is presently making LG DVD-R in China. For Taiwan, a good guess, as Bear17 has pointed out, is Prodisc because I have some 4X LG DVD-R with Prodisc MID. But there can be others. LG (as well as all other manufacturers) has invested extensively in joint ventures in China and one of these is an optical disc factory in East China. Don’t know if it is in production yet.


Interesting as on of my suppliers had a big contract to manufacture 5 million LG 8x DVD-R last month… They are based in Taiwan.

I know this because my production was delayed by three weeks…


Just my two cents : LG disks can have other MIDs too. I have a batch of LG 8x DVD+R discs which have a SONYD11 MID. No country of origin printed though so hard to tell who made them. So far no problems burning at 8x on my LG GSA 4163B. Can’t do quality scans though so can’t tell how good the burns are.


That’s good to know as SONYD11’s far better than Infodisc or LG MIDs.


LG Electronics doesn’t make media products, but sell them.

I hope LG’s not going to be like HP.


Just bought a 25 spindle of the LGE08’s - so far have produced 19 out of 19 coasters. I’m seriously considering just throwing the rest away to save time.


INFODISC is not AZO media that I’m aware. But it is a decent media, no worse thatn RITEK or FUJIFILM. Medium grade disc.


Infodisc can be ok, but it can also be very crap quality. For burners that don’t support it decently, you’re in real trouble.


And true this man was. I have just bought a 50 spindle of LG DVD-R 8x discs and they are indeed made in China. Their MID is LGE08. Have burnt about 10 of them so far and put them through speed test, all were smooth graphs with no drop off. All played back well through my 2 dvd stand alones.
I am using an LG GSA4167B and I have found, as you would expect, LG burners burn the LG discs well.
Does anyone have any idea if these discs were made in the old crappy chinese dvd makers like AML or are they from a new factory with higher standards?


Looks good to me. Be happy with them.


If you put here the serials then we might know more. (Below(stamper code) and innerhub serials) and if we’re lucky then we might have a change of finding out who made them.
Or at least we can know if it was prodisc or not.


the most inner hub reads F06231818GM102A-373906
Seems familiar to prodisc MCC?


No it’s not prodisc.Unless it’s a custom serial which I doubt. Because Prodisc OEM jobs normally have still prodisc style serial !!
ALso the serial doesn’t look like infodisc or any of there daugther compannies.