Lg DVD-R 8x media problems with 4163b


I’ve bought a Lg 4163b DVD Burner, and I’m having a problem using Lg DVD-R 8x media with this drive. The drive shows no problem when burning the media but some of the written data is corrupted (wrong CRC).

Nero CD-DVD Speed teels me that this media was manufactured by “ProdiscF01”. I also used Smartbuy DVD-R 8x media witch is also manufactured by “ProdiscF01” with this drive and I had no problems.

I’m using firmware ver 1.04 and Nero

Today I’ve tested the LG DVD-R 8x media with a Lg 4160b DVD Burner and I had no problems.

Have you guys had any problens with LG DVD-R 8x media by Prodisc with LG 4163b??? Do I have a defective drive?


Perhaps just one badly written disk or another issue.

What’s the brand name of your LG DVD-R 8x? Anytime? LG also has their own MIDs but LG never uses expensive (top-quality) media for their media products so don’t pay any more than Ritek or CMC or Prodisc for them.

Run more tests to locate the source of the problem.

I´ve Burned 10 Lg DVD-R 8x midias and ALL of them had corrupted data (ex: Zip and RAR files that won´t open because of wrong CRC and SFV files saying that many files are corrupted).

I´ve tested the written LG midias in different drives so I certifiyed myself that it´s not a reading problem.

The brand name of the disk is Prodisc. The strange thing is that SmartBuy DVD-R 8x media is also manufactured by Prodisc and it works very well in my Burner.

No problems here with Prodisc F01 at 8x on the 4163.

I’ve read of people having occasional problems with LG 8x media on a 4163B. The entire spindle or nearly the entire spindle ended up as coasters. Other people had no problems at all. It seems that certain batches of discs seem to have problems but not others. Perhaps your problem is caused by the same thing. Not sure of the MID of the disc and can’t remember if they were +R or -R discs.

Try burning with a few other brands of discs (with different MIDs) and see if you encounter problems. If not, then that lot of LG DVD-R is probably defective.

SmartBuy is Prodisc’s retail brand.

Prodisc: SmartBuy
Ritek: Ritek, Ridata
CMC: Mr Data
Taiyo Yuden: That’s
Mitsubishi: Mitsubishi, Verbatim
Hitachi: Maxell
Matsushita: Panasonic

If you have to choose between Prodisc or LG, choose Prodisc SmartBuy. LG Electronics has nearly nothing to do with that “LG” brand. Mr. Data 16x DVD+R is also good for its low price.

I have had some batches of CMC CD-R that were absolute crap and produced bad results where as another batch was fine, im guessing some batches are made crapper than others. Maybe thats why two different pieces of prodisc media perform differently.

Kenshin is right about that. LG seems to get different people to make different batches of discs. They aren’t always made by Prodisc. I have a spindle of LG 8x DVD+Rs that have a SONYD11 mid, for example. So it’s probably best in the long term to look for something else for your discs other than LG branded ones.