Lg dvd problem

I got a lg multi dvd rewriter GSA-H22L a few weeks ago and know it dont recognize any dvd-r or dvd+r.sometimes works and some dont.i unistall the drivers and installed back up and the results are the same.does anybody think i have to buy a new drive,if thats the case
what is the best drive to go with.

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A frequent cause of these issues is a low quality disc.

What discs are you using exactly? Can you post here brand (the one written on the box) and mediacode (you can find mediacode using cd-dvd speed (see the pic as example)

Im using taiyo yuden and verbatim.when i got this drive it was working fine with those media discs but now only works sometimes.

The drive could be damaged. Can you try to install it on a different machine? If on another computer the drive works with no problems, then there is something wrong in your computer.

No i dont have another machine to try,only a laptop.i was thinking that maybe the problem is my windows xp,because it was working ok untill i update the computer to sp2 and all other updates.the thing is that today i try it with one verbatim and it works and then later i put another one and it did not work.