LG DVD player region code

Hi there, I just bought this DVD player (LG LDA-731) and it only plays region 1(USA) discs. The thing is that I came back in romania and I can’t play the region 2(EU) discs. Any ideas? I tried a lot of common hacks but none worked.


I’m not sure how this works in XP, but with W2k go to my computer, right click on your optical drive, choose properties, and under advanced settings you should be able to change the region.

i’m sure this is a stand alone dvd player the OP is on about, not an optical PC drive


Try #hacks on videohelp.com

In my best Gilda Radner voice…“never mind”. :rolleyes: I didn’t catch that.

for ldv-731 you can use lda-730 image to set your region