LG DVD no longer reads DVD's

Hey all :slight_smile:

Everything has been going fine for a month. Been reading this site and gettting lots of help from just reading…


I put a second burner as a slave to my LG and my LG couldn’t read any disks ( dvd )

I removed the second drive and still same problem.

SO recap:

My DVD LG 4081a (A104) worked fine up til today. NOW it can only see a regualr CD ( non dvd ) If I put a DVD in drive it says no disk is inserted. Im not talking a blank… Im talking a store bought DVD ( season one of the show 24 )

LG 4081 (A104)
Win XP

I have tried:

Reinstalling the drive in device manager
changing my ribbon.
tried the drive in a second computer
tried many disks. both + and - and even a RW.

I personally think the drive my be broken, but I have searched here anc cannot find a similar problem.

Any help is appreciated !

I called LG service :slight_smile:

Problem? Dirty Lens.

Use alot of rented movies and the lens gets dirty.

Clean lens.

DVD works.


Are one or two lenses in this drive? lot of people mention two (cd/DVD), but i can see only one.