LG DVD lag,not able to set to UDMA?

new pc, with msi p965 board and JMicron chip.
DVD was detected as scsi. Hence not be to set UDMA mode!

Any solution?
How to connect dvd drive, the board only got 1 IDE drive?
Currently hard disk is connect to sata.

I am confused. Is your LG connected to IDE controller? Any other drives? It maybe your sata hdd that shows as scsi. More info please…

Got simialr problem with the Jmicron controller on a 965 board from Gigabyte. If you set the M/B bios to force the controller to sata raid and IDE then the IDE channels are correctly installed in Windows and the drive is ot seen as a SCSI drive. Good news is that this stops randon boot hangs with a CD/DVD in the drive but the bad news is it only picks the drive up as PIO.

Seems like a few people having this problem and its going to get worse with M/B manufactures picking this chip to add IDE capability to the 965 chipset which has no native support. (Search this forum for Jmicron)

Looks like we waiting for an update BIOS/driver from Jmicron or your M/B manufacturer…(


Isn’t there any software, that allows setting DMA modes with the drivers? Then this chip is really crap :a

The only soultion seem to be wait for bios update.