LG DVD GSA-4166B in Black

I guess I am just “slow”.

I have been looking for this drive in Black. Either originally in Black or a Black bezel for one. There is one seller on eBay selling a black LG bezel, but he says it will not work with this drive because of “button size”. I’m not convinced it won’t work, because the external version of this drive has a similar button size.

Can someone help me find this drive in black Online from a US vendor, or at a store in Houston TX?

Any opinions on whether or not this bezel will work? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=8741074485


Just to let you know that the 4166 is available in black in europe.

The 4166 has on oval eject button. Your referenced faceplate has the round like the 4163.

Good luck. I’ve only found two U.S. retailers that carry a “multi format-type” with lightscribe, both are 4166B (beige).

Probably have to go to Europe, which I was thinking about, but pickins’ are slim on retailers that will ship to U.S. and then there’s customs and duties …

If I run across something, will let you know. For some reason, LS and LF internal DVD-RWs with RAM is a scarce commodity in the U.S. :confused:

geeks.com have a 4166b black for $51.95 ( oem).

It’s a GWA as opposed to GSA, thus no RAM write capabilty. :a

Its in Black in the UK, svp.co.uk is selling it in black. Ive just bought one from my local pc shop.

Out of stock and won’t ship to U.S. anyway.

I found that some HP 740s are GCA-4166B drives and they can be crossflashed to the GSA-4166B which enables the RAM abilities. Mine is black.