LG DVD drive won't read "Festival Express"

Hi, me again. I’m trying to back up my new movies- Festival Express. I was able to back up Disc 2, but can’t do anything with the main disc, Disc 1. It plays on my DVD player, but my LG DVD drive can’t even read it. It says “no disc”. Is this some sort of new protection? sorry for my ignorance. Thanks.

can the disc play on your dvd player for your TV? and is the disc scratched?

Yes, it plays on my DVD player and no, it is not scratched. Also, have tried another copy of the same DVD and same results.

hmm. have you tried anydvd? Also have you checked the reigon codec of the disc?

what is the region codec? How do I check it? Thx for your help, ng

I’m sorry, I said region codec. It’s not a codec :stuck_out_tongue: it’s a setting.

There are 8 different region settings. Most dvd’s are set to play in one country or area. So they are given a region coding. So region 1 is North america. I don’t know the others. You can find out the region coding of the disc by checking the cover. On the back there will be a small logo. The logo will have a number between 1-8.
The point of this is to make sure that films sold in another country cannot be played somewhere else.

Most cumputer drives are set to one region, can the user can change it 4 times, Then the manufacture mest reset the drive back to four changes. The manufacturer can change it only 5 times.

You can make your stand-alone or computer dvd drive play discs from all regions (mult-region, region-free). But we are getting to ahed of ourselves.

Sorry, I’m really bad at explaing this.