Lg Dvd/cd Rw Gsa H10a

Hi Everyone,

I just bought a new computer with an LG DVD/CD RW GSA H10A. It will burn CDs but won’t work when I try to make a DVD-R (I used SONY DVD-Rs, 4.17 GIG discs).

I’ve been using NERO and every time I try burning a DVD it starts with caching, but then just stops at 100%. It never begins burning and my computer crashes and i have to reset the system.

Does anyone know how I can fix this?

Please help!!!

This might be a case of IDE drivers giving you problems (especially if you are using nVidia IDE drivers). Try uninstalling your IDE drivers. The system should then reboot and when it comes back up, it will automatically install Windows’ own default IDE drivers. Try burning with those and see if that helps.

Tip : to avoid wasting discs, you can use DVD+RW/-RW discs for tests. That way if the burn fails, you can just erase and reuse the discs. You don’t have to waste blank discs and it saves you money.